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If you are looking for auto collision repair shop near me then we are conveniently located at Belair Road 21206 MD. We are  no deductibles car body shop. This mean that our auto body shop pays deductibles in Baltimore for customers. We offer free estimates. At our car body shop in Baltimore you can negotiate the repair cost and ask to waive deductibles. We also offer discount on insurance estimates. You can rest assure that your car will be repaired to its original condition and our car paint service match the factory standards at our body and paint shop in Baltimore. we always put our customers first and offer many benefits to choosing our body shop.  

  • We pay for your vehice towing to our shop in the local area.
  • We offer complimentary pick and drop customers to their home.
  • We also arrange local rental company to get you back on the road, at a discounted price, while waiting for your car to be repaired.
  • An independent car rental company office is located in the same building and in some cases we can pay for your loaner rental car.

 Auto Insurance claim denied 

If your car insurance claim is denied then there is not much you can do to reopen the claim unless you have any evidence that was ignored by the adjuster. The best thing to do is to contact any professional body shop professional prior to filing any claim to the insurance company. We offer a complete free service to our customers to file a claim, free estimate, arrange rental and loaner car. We can walk you through;

  • Car accident insurance claims
  • how to file an auto insurance claim against someone
  • Car insurance claim without police report

We can tell you if your claim is not worth anything and when not to file an auto insurance claim. Especially when the claim is not big enough to exceeds your insurance deductibles. 


How to avoid paying deductibles. You are free to choose auto body shops that waive deductibles

 How to get deductibles waived ? Can I choose any body shop repair my car? These are the questions most people asked. By law you are totally free to take your vehicle to any auto body shop you like. You can deny even if the insurance company suggest, recommend or insist any specific shop. You can choose any repair shop that suits best to your needs. For example you can choose a shop near your residence and also a n auto body shops that pays your deductibles. please note that you do not have to use the auto body shop the insurance company adjuster is recommending. Most of the insurance company recommended body shop are pricey and will not negotiate on repair costs. They will charge full deductibles. You can choose any auto body shop you like or come to our body shops. We offer cost effective solution and an inexpensive auto body repair work that suits your budget. 


We help to file body shop insurance claim

 Whether it's minor damage or large repairs, We work with all major insurance companies to schedule, inspect and repair your vehicles seamlessly. Trust the body shop that makes it easy, affordable and reliable to repair your vehicle. We offer free estimates and our experienced service manager will assist you to submit your insurance claim paperwork correctly. He will arrange your rental car and will ensure all necessary steps to get your claim approved. Free Estimates. We pay for your loaner cars in some cases, pick & drop and claim help 

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Auto body repair without insurance


 We pay your deductibles. And if you are looking for auto body repair without insurance and want a deal on cheap car body work repair we can discus the options to keep the auto body repairs under your budget. We do offer an inexpensive auto body repair for all cash non insurance work. Call or visit us and discus the options.

Free auto body repair estimate


We offer free estimates and our experienced service manager will assist you to submit your insurance claim paperwork correctly. He will arrange your rental car and will ensure all necessary steps to get your claim approved. At our collision center you can negotiate the repair cost and get your deductibles waived.  

We Pay for your Free loaner car body shop


We understand you do not have rental coverage or choose to pay out of pocket car repairs. Whatever is the reason, we have a fleet of loaner vehicles available and a auto rental Cars in order to keep your life in order while we take care of your car. With or without coverage we eliminate the stress of no car.

Car paint shop


 When’s the last time you gave your car a second look? Or ran your fingers across the hood? It’s time you fell back in love with your car. Nothing comes in here perfect, but with a new coat of paint, we’ll make sure that it leaves that way. Soon, you’ll be back to driving the car you always wanted.  Using only high-quality paints that won't peel, chip, or fade, we give your auto a complete paint job that remains glossy and lasts for the life of your vehicle. Services are available for all makes and models, and once we finish any necessary bodywork and painting, your car, truck, van, or SUV be restored the way you wanted it. We offer high quality materials and factory quality finish.

Auto Frame straightening


 We have latest frame straightening machine. Our frame straightening auto body repair mechanics has good experience to handle any frame straightening job. We are not only a car body shop but also car repair shop. We have latest wheel alignment system. We are one stop auto body shop, auto paint shop, auto repair shop.   


Cheap car paint job in baltimore

On special request we can offer cheap car paint job in baltimore with low cost materials. Our low cost car paint job still exceeds the minimum standards of auto paint job in Baltimore.

Vintage car restoration


 We do vintage car restoration and vintage car repair. We are one of the major vintage car restoration companies. Our antique car restoration Baltimore can restore vintage car to its original. We also do upgrades and modifications on vintage cars. We have good experience working on historic car restoration. We understand the importance of classic car restoration and our technicians have large experience in to restore classic cars.

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