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Auto body shops Belair Rd Baltimore MD 21206. On collision repair we pay your deductibles.

Please read before you file a claim;

know your options, Make a right decision;

It is your right to choose any repair facility to perform your repairs! We can make it easier for you;
If you are in an accident please read the followings to understand the insurance claim process.


Schedule a free Inspection & Consultation with Us. We strongly recommend getting an inspection with us of your car BEFORE you make an insurance claim. You may discus your options with us depending on your deductible and coverage, you may realize that filing a claim may not be your best option. We provide FREE estimates and consultation.


Understand Your Coverage. We find that many of our clients are not sure what form of coverage they carry in the event of an accident (PLPD, LIMITED, STANDARD, BROADENED). Before a claim is filed, understand your coverage.


File Your Claim. Once certain filing a claim is the best option, We can help. Claims are filed over the phone or online. Even though law prevents us from filing a claim for you, we can assist you one-on-one if you would like to file the claim in our office.


Claim Approval. Once you’ve been assigned a claim number we will work with your insurance company to come to an agreeable plan for repairs. This may require you to drop off your vehicle so we can get a complete and thorough estimate.


We'll Take Care of the Rest! We will keep you informed throughout the repair process. Repair time is subjective to the damage, parts availability, and labor required. You can be certain that we will work diligently to bring your vehicle back to pre-accident condition.

Why Choose us;

If you had an accident and ready to file a claim we offer you the followings;

  • Free towing service. We can pay any impound, storage, towing or any other charges to get your vehicle released from impound or storage lot.
  • Free loaner car if you do not have any rental coverage.
  •  Free loaner car if your insurance company is taking a time to arrange rental car for you.
  • We pay your insurance deductible
  • Up to 20% Cash back on certain jobs mostly in other party fault claims.
  • We are all in one collision repair, car painting, general mechanical repair, frame straightening and wheel alignment shop. 

If you are ready to file a claim, Please call or text us at 4438506437.

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Call us if you need a towing service or to reserve a loaner car. We love our customers.

Please make an appointment for estimate or to reserve a loaner car. We also welcome walk ins.

BBB A+ Collision Repair Shop


our body shop waive deductibles and copay on insurance jobs


Auto body and car paint shop Baltimore 21206

We are auto body shop in Belair Rd 21206 Baltimore. Our body shops pays deductibles for customers in most cases. We provide complete assistance in auto insurance claim handling. We arrange rental car for you and can also provide loaner car. Experienced mechanics can restore cars and perform collision repairs and all types of body work, fender bender, paint less dent removal. We maintain a high quality car paint shop in Baltimore. We are fully equipped car repair shop in Baltimore to keep you safe and happy. We are one of the collision shops that pay your deductibles. We do collision repair car dent repair, fender bender, car and truck frame repair all under one roof.

We offer 10% cash back on insurance checks and claims. 


Auto Repair shops and body work in Baltimore

In most cases after an accident the vehicles not only require body damage repairs but also need repairs on car suspension, frame repair and wheel alignment. Accidents can also cause engine and transmission damage and we have are fully equipped to file claims for you and repair your vehicle. Our car repair shops located at 5801 Belair Road  Baltimore 21206. We have the latest equipments and experienced mechanics to diagnose the check engine light and any other mechanical engine and transmission problem. We replace engines, transmissions, water pump, suspension, timing belt, check engine light and emission repairs. We accept extended car warranty. We do auto repair, brake repair, car paint repair, wheel alignment, water pump, head gasket, auto electrician, engine replace, transmission replace and check engine light repairs. 


Tag and Title service

At Auto Point tag and title Belair road Baltimore 21206 you can renew, register car tags, title transfer, new license plates, motorcycle, Rv, truck and car tag and title transfer, title duplicate, tag returns at lower price. A professional help available to guide you through the entire process without waiting in lines. Our vehicle registration in Maryland Baltimore is authorized and approved by MVA. Fully trained and professional tag and title agent can walk you thorough the entire vehicle registration process without any hick ups. We can help to solve minor mistakes on paperwork. We also offer Maryland dealer reassignments. 30 days temporary tags inspection tags 60 days tags one year renewal sticker and 2 year renewal sticker. We accept credit cards and cash payments at our tag and title service on Belair air Road Baltimore 21206 Maryland.

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Auto Point Collision and Car Paint shop

5801 Belair Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21206, United States

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